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Once you complete this form, you are confirmed for our connection call. This will be a 50-minute Health & Wellness Optimization call where I will help you identify areas of improvement in your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle practices as well as your mentality that are stopping you from creating the healthy lifestyle that you desire. We will go over your previous patterns and behaviors and discover what is keeping you from moving forward. I will help design an action plan.
If I feel like I can further support you I will explain ways we can work together. If not I will refer you to someone I trust that can help you.
I currently have 2 spots left to work privately with me, or 8 spots in my group container, Reclaim Your Wellness. I value intimacy and it is important to me to create a safe supportive container. It is my intention to serve your highest level on the call, and by the end of our time together it will be obvious what your next step is to step into your best self and live your life with vitality and abundance.