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150-hour TEFL Training for Online Teachers

Thank you for your interest in beta testing the brand new Crystal Clear Level 3 TEFL qualification. We are working quickly to launch this course before the end of June, 2024.

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions in order to obtain your FREE, accredited TEFL certificate:

Registration for the TEFL core course is always free for professional development purposes. As a gesture of thanks for your feedback, we will waive the usual certificate upgrade fee of $59 USD for pre-approved candidates who are able to complete the following requirements within our deadlines:

☑️ Addition of any specialization micro-courses to your certificate are chargeable.

☑️ You must register to begin the TEFL core course prior to 15/06/2024.

☑️ As a beta tester, you must complete the TEFL core course and fill in the form below to your best ability prior to 30/06/2024.

☑️ Crystal Clear TEFL adjudicators will mark and feedback on your written assessments for free prior to 15/07/2024, provided you complete the TEFL core course and fill in the feedback form as per the above stipulation.

☑️ Marks and feedback for the TEFL core course will require payment of the certificate upgrade if you do not complete the core course and feedback form before 30/06/2024.

☑️ If you register after the above date, you can still complete the core course, but will have pay the upgrade fee to obtain the accredited TEFL certificate.

☑️ Other than the paid certificate upgrade, no other certificate options are available for any TEFL or specialization courses.
☑️ Passing the written assessments is also required for issuance of the free TEFL certificate.

If you are happy to continue, please register for the core TEFL course here: and email us to inform us you would like to beta test: [email protected]

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